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Botanic gardens are visited by millions of people around the world each year. They are uniquely placed to show people how important plants and plant conservation is. As well as an educational role, they also support plant conservation through research, habitat protection and keeping seed banks.

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Part of the way in which plant diversity can be protected is through sustainable use. Botanic gardens can help to showcase how and work in partnership with local communities to promote the sustainable use of our natural resources.
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Conservation organisations, including BGCI, have worked to gain protection of biodiversity through legislation. In 1990, world governments signed up to the Convention on Biological Diversity in
Rio de Janeiro. Through this agreement governments pledged to maintain their country’s biodiversity. Non-governmental organisations, including botanic gardens have also been involved in this work.
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Particular botanic gardens around the world have achieved notable successes with their plant conservation policies, in particular the
Tam Dao National Park.
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In 2002 a new part of the Convention on Biological Diversity was agreed on which focuses on plants. This is called the ‘Global Strategy for Plant Conservation’. It sets out a list of targets and suggests the means by which the targets can be achieved to result in the protection of plant species for posterity in the wild. The targets include documenting plant diversity, protecting important areas for biodiversity in the wild and using biodiversity sustainably.
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