Get involved with the Plants for Life campaign and help to spread the word about the importance of plant conservation by using the posters wherever you can. Here are some ideas...

  • Turn your office / classroom / bedroom / home into a forest
  • Wrap the posters around bins, table legs, chair legs, lamp stands, banisters, railings.
  • Put them on you wall, on your ceiling, on your floor
  • Brighten up dull folder covers and filing cabinets with a splash of plant.
  • Use them outside around bollards, lamp posts and fence posts (be sure to get permission first!)
  • Cut them up, frame them and enjoy them for longer.
  • Stick them on your windows, so that even if it is bad weather you will still be able to see the bright plant colours.

Botanic garden educators - Get more ideas about using the Plants for Life posters in your garden,

Download the ideas pack here

If you have any other ideas on how to use plant wrap, or you have used the posters in a different way, we want to know. Write in, tell us what you have done and send us a photo, we’ll include it on the website. Email us at

If you need more posters, we can send them to you. Email us at to place your order.